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What is the plate evaporator?

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  The plate evaporator is widely distributed in the evaporation market due to its advantages such as high heat conduction efficiency, convenient maintenance, and easy expansion of capacity.

  The plate evaporator is mainly composed of: plate preheater, plate heat exchanger, plate condenser and material pump, separator, demister, steam washing tower, pipeline, etc., because the heat exchanger in the complete set of equipment is plate type In the evaporation equipment of the heat exchanger, in the evaporation process by the evaporator, the plate is the main heat transfer element.

  The working principle of the plate evaporator is that the temperature of the material to be evaporated rises above the bubble point at the corresponding pressure through the heat exchange of the partition wall, which produces continuous boiling and is separated into a high-concentration liquid and pure saturated water vapor in the gas-liquid separator. In order to achieve the purpose of concentration.

  Plate evaporator materials and steam channels are alternately combined and formed from the same plate through sealing gaskets or welding. The assembly forms are detachable, semi-welded and fully welded.

  Detachable plate evaporator has the advantages of high total heat transfer efficiency, low comprehensive cost, saving precious metal consumption, relatively small volume, convenient operation and maintenance, and adjustable evaporation area.

  The plate evaporator has a high heat transfer coefficient, which makes the material liquid easily reach a strong turbulent state, which is 2 to 3 times the heat transfer coefficient of the tube evaporator. The plate evaporator is not easy to filter. The material liquid forms a turbulent flow on the heat exchange surface and scours the heat. The surface of the device can delay the scaling cycle.

  The plate evaporator has a compact structure and a small volume. At the same amount of evaporation, the space occupied by the plate evaporator is only a quarter of the volume of the tube evaporator, and the height is only one-tenth of that of the tube evaporator. And it is very convenient for maintenance, just need to loosen the screw of the plate heat exchanger, the expansion of the plate heat exchanger is also more convenient, can adapt to a variety of environments, customer service space is limited.

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