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What is the steam heat exchanger? (1)

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  The steam that enters the core body is jetted at a high speed along the oblique side holes of the side wall. Its kinetic energy is water absorption, which pushes the water to flow along the tangent direction of the core body edge, contacts the inner wall of the shell at a large angle, and is rotated by the block. Due to the reasonable volume design of the housing. The water flow rotation speed is suitable and stable. The rotating water flow not only can better absorb steam kinetic energy and eliminate noise, but also disperse the steam flow to form a large number of tiny soda unit assemblies. The noise generated when this small volume combination is mixed is very low.


Equipment that uses steam as a heat source to heat water is divided into two categories: direct heating equipment and indirect heating equipment.

Direct heating equipment

Direct heating equipment can be divided into steam heating injectors, steam mixers, spray heat exchangers, thermal sensing heat exchange units.

1. Steam heating ejector

The use of high steam flow rate produces a negative vacuum suction water mixing. This use condition requires not only a certain pressure of steam, but also a certain kinetic energy to mix. In the 1960s, it was not promoted due to noise problems. In the early 1990s, Hunan Ximen Electromechanical Co., Ltd. solved the noise problem. Steam ejector advantages: simple equipment, low cost, high heat energy utilization rate, not afraid of scale.

2. Steam mixer

The steam is directly injected into the water through the same diameter porous device. The steam pressure must be more than 0.2MPa above the system pressure, the steam flow is not adjustable, and there is noise. When opening or closing, the steam pressure overlaps with the system pressure, which has a certain destructive effect on the heating and air conditioning system. Can not be used in closed systems, is a phase-out product.

3.spray heat exchanger

The water is directly sprayed into the steam through the porous device. The steam flow can be adjusted without noise, and the low pressure steam of 0.2MPa is very effective. Disadvantages: It is afraid that the debris in the water will block the spray hole, and the steam pressure will fluctuate easily in the heat exchanger when the steam pressure fluctuates greatly. Bathing must be added with storage water tank and water pump, can not be isothermal heat exchange.

Features of spray heat exchanger:

  Mixed heating is to mix steam and water into hot water, its characteristics: basically no heat loss, thermal efficiency can reach almost 100%. Not afraid of scaling, the condensate is below 70 ℃.

4. Thermal sensing heat exchange unit

  The steam-to-water direct-mixing heat exchanger of the heat exchange unit uses a high-efficiency thermal sensor heat exchanger as the main unit, and highly integrates the circulating voltage stabilization system and control system in the general heat exchange station, making full use of contemporary flow frequency control and heat Advanced technologies such as automatic monitoring control and remote transmission network communication control enable the unit to achieve maximum automation and intelligence. The whole unit is well-planned and well-organized, tailor-made, and the unit is shipped from the factory. The installation is fast and convenient, and the installation cost is extremely low.

Features of thermal sensing heat exchange unit:

1. Quick heat transfer, high heat exchange efficiency, and up to 100% heat exchange efficiency.

2. The condensed water is fully recovered and recycled. The entire system is self-cleaning and anti-scaling. The heat exchanger, radiator and heat exchange system can maintain long-term stable and efficient heat exchange performance, and minimize system scaling. Difficult to overcome the disadvantages of scaling and reduce the heat exchange efficiency of the system.

3. The heat exchanger is made of all stainless steel, the product structure design is scientific, the craft is well-made, and the service life is long, which can reach more than 20 years.

4. The key components are processed with advanced German technology and order, so the host is not affected by steam pressure and system pressure, effectively eliminating noise and steam strike, and the whole machine runs smoothly.

5. The condensed water is completely absorbed and used. There is no special reason for the system, no need to install water supplement device, which greatly saves the system water and operating costs.

6. The whole unit is compact in structure and small in area, which greatly saves investment in civil engineering. At the same time, due to the extremely high heat exchange efficiency, the system does not need to replenish water during operation. Energy saving benefits.

7. The unit is equipped with highly intelligent automatic control functions, which can realize over-pressure and over-temperature protection, automatic power-off steam cut-off and outdoor temperature automatic compensation functions, and remote monitoring, providing users with a worry-free operating platform.

8. It has a wide range of applications, and can be widely used for heating, hot water bathing and other purposes in the fields of thermoelectricity, factories and mines, food and medical treatment, mechanical light industry, civil construction and other fields.

9. Wide application conditions, can be used for heat exchange in a large pressure and temperature range.

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