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What is the steam heat exchanger? (3)

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Performance characteristics

1. High efficiency and energy saving, the heat transfer coefficient of this heat exchanger is 6000-8000W / m2.0C.

2. All stainless steel production, long service life, up to 20 years.

3. Change the laminar flow to turbulent flow, improve the heat exchange efficiency and reduce the thermal resistance.

4. Fast heat exchange speed, high temperature resistance (400 ℃), high pressure resistance (2.5Mpa).

5. Compact structure, small footprint, light weight, easy installation, saving civil construction investment.

6. Flexible design, complete specifications, practical and targeted, saving money.

7. Wide range of application conditions, suitable for large pressure, temperature range and heat exchange of various media.

8. Low maintenance cost, easy operation, long cleaning cycle and easy cleaning.

9. The use of nano-thermal film technology to significantly increase the heat transfer coefficient.

10. A wide range of applications, can be widely used in thermoelectricity, factories and mines, petrochemical industry, urban central heating, food and medicine, energy electronics, mechanical light industry and other fields.

Main advantage

1. High efficiency and energy saving, the thermal efficiency can reach 99%. The steam heat exchanger can make the steam dissolve directly and uniformly in water quickly, and even if the pressure difference between the steam and the heated liquid is only 0.04Mpa, the steam can still be added to the heated liquid well, so the heat loss is small and the thermal efficiency is high.

2. High temperature of hot water: Use the vortex heater to obtain hot water at a higher temperature. The maximum heating temperature of the open container is 98 ℃ and the pressure container can reach 150 ℃. The maximum working pressure of the steam heat exchanger is 1.6Mpa.

3. Low vibration and low noise: It is helpful to improve the surrounding environment. Compared with the old tube heater, the vortex muffler heater uses an internal cyclone muffler structure, the noise is less than 50db, and the vibration is greatly reduced.

4. Low total investment: The heat source steam directly enters the water tank, which can save the pump room equipment for hot water and save investment.

5. The operation and maintenance are simple: the water and steam are controlled separately, so the remaining cold water in the water tank can be repeatedly heated, and the temperature control is convenient.

6. The steam heat exchanger is made of all stainless steel, without disassembly and maintenance, and has a long service life.

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