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What should be paid attention to in safe operation of heat exchanger

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The safe operation of heat exchanger should pay attention to the following points:

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1) The initial operation should be slow, and the temperature should be increased gradually;

2) Do a good job in preheating the pressure reducing valve and adjusting it after it is put into operation;

3) When the unit starts, the cold side valve should be opened first, and then the hot side valve should be opened after it is stable; When parking, close the hot side valve first, and then close the cold side valve.

4) After the normal operation of the heat exchanger, close the steam water heat exchanger steam trap bypass valve (not shown in the schematic diagram), and put the steam trap into normal operation. If the temperature of the steam trap is too low, such as below 50 ℃, the bypass valve can be opened for operation; if the temperature of the steam trap is too high, such as above 90 ℃, and the condensate system operates without pressure, the bypass valve will be closed to prevent steam from passing through and causing steam water impact;

5) As far as possible with the same kind of heat exchanger, so that the operation is more stable, higher efficiency. The operation regulation mainly adjusts the water supply temperature and flow according to the weather changes.The operator mainly controls the superheated steam inlet flow of the first section tubular heat exchanger of the thermal unit to achieve the purpose of controlling the unit outlet water temperature. 

When the outdoor temperature is high, the temperature can be controlled by controlling the number of equipment and adjusting the inlet steam flow. However, attention should be paid to reduce the opening frequency of the heat exchanger as much as possible to prevent the leakage of the sealing gasket due to frequent opening and closing. When the heating load is reduced, attention should be paid to the drainage of the steam pipe to prevent water hammer in the heat exchanger. The operation and regulation should be coordinated and unified in the whole system.

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