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Where can you find wholesale heat exchanger

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Analysis of the function of plate heat exchanger

   1. Heat transfer:

   Heat transfer, that is, the transfer of heat, is a ubiquitous physical phenomenon in nature. The heat transfer process of heat transfer from high temperature to low temperature will be caused by the existence of temperature difference between the material systems. To solve the heat transfer problem, we need to start from the total heat transfer rate equation, namely:

  Q--the heat flux absorbed by cold fluid or released by hot fluid, W;

  K-heat transfer coefficient,

  A--heat transfer area;--average heat transfer temperature difference, ℃.

  The basic way of heat transfer

   According to the different heat transfer mechanism, there are three basic heat transfer methods, namely heat conduction, convection and radiation.

        Heat Conduction:

   Heat conduction is also called heat conduction. It refers to the process of heat transfer from the high temperature part of the object to the low temperature part of the same object, or from a high temperature object to a low temperature object directly in contact with it.

   Convective heat transfer:

   Convective heat transfer is a transfer phenomenon that relies on the macroscopic displacement of the fluid to bring heat from one place to another. Convection heat transfer in chemical production often refers to the heat transfer when the fluid is in direct contact with the solid wall.

  Radiation heat transfer:

  Also known as thermal radiation, refers to the transmission of electromagnetic waves in space due to heat. The object converts thermal energy into radiant energy, which travels in the air in the form of electromagnetic waves, and when it encounters another object, it is fully or partially absorbed and becomes thermal energy.

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