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Which plate heat exchanger manufacturer is better and how to choose a heat exchanger

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1. Choose a regular and reliable heat exchanger manufacturer. First, analyze and compare the various manufacturers found on the Internet, and select two or three companies with comparable strength. Then from the company's production scale, physical factories, production equipment, technical workers and other aspects of field inspections, the most reliable heat exchange equipment manufacturer was selected.

2. Before selecting the heat exchanger, you need to have a detailed understanding of your own heat exchange conditions and specific operating environment. Send the parameters to the technicians for selection and design. Regular heat exchange equipment manufacturers will have professional technicians to design suitable heat exchangers according to the parameters you provide. This provides great convenience for companies purchasing plate heat exchangers.

3. Considering economic performance. An efficient heat exchanger does not mean that it is suitable. In fact, a heat exchanger with a small heat transfer area and a larger heat transfer rate is an economical heat exchanger with excellent performance.

4. The materials used for the kanban heat exchanger. Good heat exchanger manufacturers will not be stingy in materials. High-quality heat exchanger raw materials have a great influence on the service life and heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger.

5. Assembly of plate heat exchangers and after-sales service.

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