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Why do oil coolers fail

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   The oil cooler should be installed in the system return line or in a system lower than the design pressure, and the oil side pressure should be higher than the water side pressure. After the oil cooler is installed, check whether the connection with the pipe accessories is accurate and tight.

    When starting, close the oil outlet and water outlet valves, loosen the exhaust plug, and slowly open the oil and water inlet valves so that the cooler is filled with oil and water. Tighten the exhaust plug so that the water and oil are in a static state. The temperature difference between oil and water is gradually reduced.

    When the oil and water are in thermal equilibrium, turn on the water outlet and oil outlet valves, and adjust the water intake according to the heat balance requirements.

    Note: When opening the water inlet valve of the cooler, the flow rate should be increased gradually, otherwise the heat exchange tube will form a "supercooling layer" with poor thermal conductivity after a large amount of cold water flows in, which will reduce the heat exchange effect.

    If the electrochemical corrosion of the water side is severe, you can replace the screw plug of the water side end cover with a zinc rod screw plug by yourself.

    The oil cooler should use clean fresh water, and the non-dry clean water should be equipped with a water filter.

The cooler is used in severe cold season, and the water and oil in the cooler should be drained as much as possible when it is out of service to avoid freezing and cracking the cooler.

    When the cooler is out of service, the oil-water inlet valve and the oil-water outlet valve should be closed in sequence, and the screw plugs on the drain and oil outlet should be loosened to drain the remaining water and oil in the cooler.

    The above are the main points of the oil cooler application described by the editor. You can learn more about it. If you need any consultation, you can contact or leave a message to us.

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