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Why is the plate heat exchanger blocked?

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Three reasons for plate heat exchanger blockage

  Plate heat exchanger blockage will not only affect the process level of the heat exchange system, but also cause the phenomenon of reduced equipment life. Aiming at the blockage of the plate heat exchanger, there are three main reasons for the blockage of the plate heat exchanger:

1. The equipment has been running for a long time. Aiming at the problem of long-term operation of the equipment, it is mainly reflected in the rapid flow of water inside the equipment, and there is no reasonable formula for putting in and sterilizing the scale inhibitor. As a result, due to the long running time, the pressure and temperature inside the equipment become high, which results in fouling. At the same time, the flow rate is too fast, and the generation of fouling greatly increases, causing clogging problems.

2. Another reason is that the spacing between the plates is smaller when designing the product, which will lead to clogging once the impurities in the medium have settled when the circulating water flow rate is low. This phenomenon indicates that the user has set the parameters beyond the rated value or has not been cleaned for a long time while performing the process.

3. Secondly, it is the reason of the medium. In some industries, some unique mediums contain a lot of impurities and even have high adhesion. If a large amount of soil or sticky substances adhere to the plate, it will cause blockage. This clogging phenomenon is more serious and will greatly affect the heat exchange efficiency of the plate heat exchanger. At the same time, if the soil adheres to the inner wall of the equipment, the loss of process effect is also inevitable.

  Therefore, when we use plate heat exchangers, we need to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance, which is the primary work to ensure that plate heat exchangers are not blocked by impurities. Secondly, under the condition of ensuring that the equipment is correct, the media is filtered and used, and the filter is used for screening, and the materials are selected and used according to the process requirements and the equipment customization manual. In this way, the problem of equipment clogging can be minimized.

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