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Working principle of heat exchanger

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Heat exchanger is an energy-saving device that realizes heat transfer between two or more fluids at different temperatures. For large-area heating, the existence of a heat exchanger is essential.

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Direct contact heat exchanger, also called hybrid heat exchanger, is a device that directly contacts and exchanges heat between hot and cold fluids. Normally, the two fluids in direct contact are gas and liquid with lower vaporization pressure;

The partition type heat exchanger also uses the heat conduction of the intermediary. The cold and hot media are separated by a solid partition, and heat exchange is carried out through the partition. For heating companies, partition heat exchangers are the most widely used. According to the different structure, it can be divided into tube heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger and heat pipe.

Plate heat exchanger is composed of a set of metal plates. There are four corner holes on the plate for the passage of cold and hot media. The working principle is that the A plate and the B plate are arranged alternately during assembly, and a network channel is formed between the plates. The gasket seals the hot and cold medium in the heat exchanger, and at the same time separates the hot and cold medium reasonably without mixing. In the channel, the hot and cold fluid flows at intervals, and can be countercurrent or downstream according to the needs. During the flow, the hot and cold fluids exchange heat through the wall to achieve the desired effect.

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In summary, it can be seen that the working principle of the heat exchanger is very similar. Simply put, the equipment that can exchange heat is the heat exchanger, but the equipment selected under different working conditions is different.

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